Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The sun is finally out!

I kept track of every single thing I ate the whole week, including how many glasses of water I drank to how much sugar I put in my coffee. I'm sure that if I was doing a legit scientific experiment I would have to keep track for much longer t
han a week, but I still learned quite a few things. For starters, the assumption that I've had for awhile that caffeine is what causes my headaches seems to be true. The days that I started off with coffee first thing in the morning, I didn't get one.. but the days where I didn't drink it until later I could definitely feel it. Sleep was also a contributing factor. There was one day I stayed up all night and then slept 3 hours in the afternoon, and one night that I slept more than 8 hours.. I felt terrible both days.

It also made me aware of what I'm eating. Every time I had to write down "Tbell 5 Layer Burrito" I was a little grossed out. And every time I realized that the number of Dr Peppers I had significantly outweighted the amount of water
I drank, I was a little bit more grossed out.

SO if nothing else, keeping track of everything I ate has inspired me to drink more water, eat less Taco Bell, and drink my coffee right when I wake up :)

In other news, have you ever heard of Art Wall? It's a virtual house of sorts that has art hanging in every room and leads you to the artist's shop so you can purchase it for your own home. I've been a long time fan and now one of my prints is hanging on the porch :) Check it out here!
Hope you all have stayed dry during these past few rainy days.


  1. Hi, I just started to follow your blog and wanted to stop by and say hey! I love this post because I recently have been keeping better track of what I eat and have been trying to stay more healthy as well, so it was quite the coincidence that I should stumble upon this post.

    Lovely blog =)

  2. Hi! That is so neat about your print. I am in love with your blog. Mind if I do a little blog crush of the week on you, starting Monday?

    I adore everything I see so far. Let me get started reading more.

    Summer B.

  3. Summer- Thank you so much! I just recently found yours through Allie and it's one of my favorites.
    I would absolutely love to be your blog crush :) I'll be looking forward to it!

    Emmy- Thank you! I'm so glad you found my little blog. It's amazing what a big difference it can make when you actually think about what you're eating.