Monday, May 24, 2010

21 Things to do Before I'm 21

  • 1. learn 5 impressive recipes (the kind I can take to Thanksgiving or make when my mom comes over to trick her into thinking I know how to cook :)
  • 2. sew a dress for myself
  • 3. have a craft night with mom and kylee
  • 4. go fishing and have a picnic with dad
  • 5. reach 30 sales on etsy
  • 6. plan a scavenger hunt for Danny (I feel like this is 6 years overdue, because everyone has planned a scavenger hunt for their boyfriend, right?)
  • 7. ride my bike to the farmers market for fresh veggies. And make something delicious.
  • 8. go to a movie by myself
  • 9. make a scrapbook of Danny and I's first year of married life adventures.
  • 10. learn the names of trees and what their leaves look like
  • 11. learn the names of birds and what they sound like
  • 12. keep track of everything I eat for a week
  • 13. keep track of everything I spend for a week
  • 14. compose a list of important addresses and birthdays to remember
  • 15. back up my photos
  • 16. paint paintings for both of my grandmas
  • 17. explore a town I've never been to in Oklahoma
  • 18. figure out what my all time favorite movies are and rewatch them
  • 19. take more pictures with my Holga
  • 20. paint something on my huge 50x42 canvas
  • 21. build an awesome fort in the living room. And play in it.

What do you want to do in the next year?

What's something you want to do before you die?


  1. I made a list for the summer. I love lists like this!
    -finish "Crazy Love"
    -read "The Life You've Always Wanted"
    -write a letter/card a week and ACTUALLY send it
    =journal daily
    -read the New Testament
    -start a tradition (or two, or three)
    -create and stick to a budget
    -blog at least once a week
    -walk my puppy daily (rain permitting)
    -exercise at least twice a week
    -complete "Shutterfly" memory book for mine and Tim's one yr.

    Also- once some money comes my way, I will be helping you out with #5. Honestly, I would love to decorate my future home with everything you've designed/painted. Precious.

  2. Ooh there are several things on your list that I need to do. Send letters, exercise, budget..And I'm always wanting to start traditions! I just can't ever think of any good ones. That's such a good goal.

    You're so sweet! Thank you so much. I would love to furnish your home someday :) haha