Portfolio of Kelsey Davis

Story book illustration for "The Warlock's Hairy Heart", a story about a man who removes his own heart in order to
become unaffected by love. (hand drawn, colored in photoshop)

World record: man lifts 120 lb. girl solely with his beard. (colored pencil)

B Movie illustration: inspired by a scene in
the classic "Troll 2".(acrylic)
Introduction of African animals into Midwest culture. (crayon)
Personal propaganda: people causing disturbances in nature by listening to loud
music and being disrespectful to those trying to enjoy it. (watercolor)

Infographics: The Coffee Shop Stereotypes. 

Logo project: branding for Olive You Deerly,
an eco chic wedding designer.

CD cover for The Hold Steady's "Boys and Girls of America" album.