Monday, December 27, 2010

Gosh, I love the holidays.

Get ready to be bombarded with pictures, telling you about how much I love them.
For Thanksgiving, 50 of my family members surprised my mom and wore pink, in support of her and in support of breast cancer.
I made a cast of my mom to give to her for Christmas.. I painted two red cardinals on it because two cardinals landed on my aunt's car while she was praying that my grandma's PET scan would come back clear, and it did. Then two cardinals landed on my mom's car while she was waiting to see if her PET scan came back clear, and it did.
My dad, sister, and I at Christmas
Joe, mom, Kylee, Danny and I Christmas Eve morning.

Danny and I opening our gifts from each other Christmas night. Our 2nd beingmarriedchristmas :)
I got him a little piano, but he already knew about that. So I surprised him with a vintage t and Tolkien calendar..
He had already given me my button maker too (which is so freaking awesome).. and he got me this support local art hoodie I've been wanting so stinking bad.
I made us a countdown full of Christmas activities for every day... :)

We decorated Christmas paper.. (he did most of it, like the one above)
Made sugar cookies.
Went stargazing. (Which worked out perfectly because there was a huge meteor shower)
And made paper snowflakes for the apt

EVEN though Danny has been puking his guts up for the past 24 hours.
EVEN though we've been so busy we can hardly think straight.
EVEN though we had to make a 2 hour car drive on no sleep and almost died.'s been a really great Christmas :)
I'm thankful for a big long break from school.
Thankful for time spent with family and friends.