Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sometimes, I bake.

Rarely do I cook dinner foods.. mainly just some french toast every now and then and desserts. Tonight I made the Pioneer Woman's coffee cake.. and it turned out so delicious!

Do any of you celebrate the Summer Solstice? My sister in law and her husband throw a party every year with homemade ice cream, fruit kabobs, and volleyball. It's so much fun! .. possibly my favorite party of the year.

Since we just celebrated the first day of summer, today couldn't have felt more appropriate. Danny had a huge lawn to mow so I helped for a few minutes by watering some flowers.. then spent the rest of the afternoon in the pool :)


  1. Kelsey,

    Come to my apartment, decorate it, and we'll bake PW's recipes all night! I'll do dinner and you do desert.


  2. I'm totally up for that!
    I spend full nights drooling over recipes so it's time I actually start making them.
    I'm thinking this one

  3. oh mai goodness! I have a dog that looks exactly like that! Her name is Bebe Bridgitte Bardough! haha.. anyway, I like your page :)

    and I am always trying to make friends, so.. stop by my blog if you'd like. And become a follower if youn like what you see! I will most certainly return the favor! :)

  4. Sounds perfect! I've been eyeing this one for a while.
    I love anything cheesy! Maybe we could even save our husbands a few bites.