Sunday, June 20, 2010

Love you, Dad!

Today was a really good day.. I had a delicious lunch with my dad, grandma, and Danny. Then he helped me build some canvases.. what would I do without that man and his power tools? Pay 50 bucks for a big canvas from Hobby Lobby? I dont think so!
A few things I love about him:
He makes delicious food.
He tears up when he talks about the baseball player who was cheated out of a perfect game.
He lets me use his staple gun and air compressed tools whenever I want.

Thanks, Dad!

We saw Toy Story 3 last night.. I know you've already heard this, but can I just say it one more time? ..So good! I laughed the entire time (besides when I was crying).. go see it if you haven't already, it'll be the best movie you watch all summer.

Something else that took me back a few years, I got the new Hanson cd today.. Which is also so good. And this video makes me smile every time.

Here's to dads, childhood memories, and boy bands.


  1. Hanson is my all-time favorite band. I've followed their music ever since MMMBop! I have every album and have been to 5 concerts (all since the age of 16). So if you start to become a big Fanson like me, we can go to a concert together. I try to go to one every year!

  2. All-time favorite? That's huge!
    Nsync is mine.. but Hanson has always been up there. They have a concert at Cain's in August!

  3. just found your blog today. Love your header.