Sunday, July 11, 2010

Shout out to my husband..

..for being hilarious.
He started a little blog awhile back and his latest post is about our nocturnal lifestyle and first kiss. It's so ridiculous and funny.

Goal for the week:
Buy hangers to hang at least three of Danny's instruments up. So practical, looks pretty cool, and saves us some space. (much needed space.)

It would also be really great to get our room cleaned and possibly find a headboard of some sort. (that's one of those things I put off because it seems like a big decision, but it's really not.) Look at how refreshing and light this room is.

I want it.


  1. make your own headboard?
    some wood crates, stretch canvas over it.. paint it..
    or stretch fabric over it..
    or oh i don't know, i have had this idea in my head for a headboard for ages, wonder if it will ever come about.

  2. I am in love with that last bedroom... even the cat.

  3. I feel like that should be your house. If you need a headboard lesson, let me know. Just finished mine finally!

  4. I want to see pics of yours!
    I've always wanted to do a tufted headboard like that, but don't you have to hang it on the wall?