Thursday, July 22, 2010

Found it.

After a year of not knowing what to do for my headboard, I've found it!

I've always loved the look of these pieces, I just needed a good tutorial and a little push.. Where's my phone? I need to call my dad and tell him I have a new project for him to do.


  1. when i saw them do this- i was thinking that the next time, if i were to make one- the backboard piece that they glue them to should be painted some crazy bright funky yummy colour.

  2. I just saw your pillow from Elsie's sponsor giveaway and have just fallen in love with your etsy store!

  3. Erin- that's so what I was thinking!

    Allyson- thanks so much! I love hearing that someone found me through Elsie's blog :)

  4. SO cool! Please do this so I can come see it! Haha