Monday, July 12, 2010

Need a hand? Yes, please.

Yesterday I went over to my dad's and he helped me build some wood boxes to paint on, pretty much like wooden canvases. I used the saw by myself and let me tell you, it was so much fun..
There's really nothing that beats building things together with my dad, or craft nights with my friends.. I just love making things with people I love!

This picture cracks me up of him..
So I know you've read a lot about this painting and you're probably thinking "blah blah enough already." But it just felt so good to get back into my paints and do something this big. I took some better pictures in good lighting and I just wanted to share.. last ones, I promise.


  1. THAT is exactly how you should make the headboard for your bed.
    a big wooden canvas.
    painted up
    with words of love and beautiful colours..

  2. When I cropped those 3 like that I was thinking the same thing!
    Maybe a triptych or whatever those are called..
    Or just one huge canvas..

    I actually have a HUGE one made and ready, but I always have such a hard time bringing myself to start those big ones.

  3. Beautiful Paintings! Sounds like a great crafty day. I took a painting course in school and it was so much fun. except for color mixing, I try and avoid those memories. :)

  4. Obsessed with that painting!! So good!