Saturday, May 22, 2010

Late night biking.

Mine and Danny's sleep schedule is seriously out of whack. We get tired and go to sleep around 5am, sleep almost exactly 8 hours and wake up around 1 in the afternoon. I'm basically okay with it except for the fact that we lose a lot of daylight. I'm the type of person that doesn't feel fully awake for about an hour, so I really dont get around to starting my day until 3.. yikes.

There are a lot of nights we find ourselves wanting to go biking around 1 in the morning.. It's actually the perfect time because there's no traffic (biking in traffic scares me) and it's a bit chilly outside. I'm just glad to be biking at any time of day or night, because I love my bike so much and I've pretty much neglected it for 2 years.

On another note, the LOST finale is coming up (which I just want to warn everyone that I'll probably cry) and I'll be attempting to make smoke monster popcorn.. blog more on that later.


  1. Love this. I love being up at night, so this sounds great.

    Also, that popcorn looks delicious. And Juliet, looking fierce.

  2. I've got to come to this! So glad you're a lost fan, that popcorn is awesome. Haha.