Monday, August 2, 2010

Marietta, OK

So on our way to a friend's wedding last weekend, we left a little early so that we could stop at some random town and hoped to find something interesting
We found ourselves in good ole Marietta, OK.
Made our way down main street..
Did a little shopping.

Went to the cutest antique shop.
And got ourselves a sno cone. (They gave us free peach o's just because we ordered peaches and creme.. how nice is that?)
So now I can officially check number 17 off my list! Marietta, OK.. you've been explored, and I liked you.

(I'm just really glad I have this weirdo to keep me entertained on long trips.)


  1. Was this on the way to the Mayes wedding for which you provided the boutonnieres? (payback for stalking me. I stalk you too).

  2. I've got to be honest. The chicken Spaghetti is better than Katy's Cheesy Bake. Especially because I like spicy food! KCB is more plain.